Work in progress
By Jerry Matta

Have you ever felt like you've bitten off more than you can chew?  Well, it seems that people that ride mini XR's feel it everyday.  I just recently purchased two vintage XR75's, an 85' XR100, 4 motors, and Elsinore forks .  Which, by itself isn't that bad, but I'm still in the middle of a three year perimeter KX conversion and I need to move this month.  But, as I was working on my new beater 100 at midnight, two things occurred to me: 
One, I hate working on pieces of crap bikes, and two I hate points ignitions.  The next day I was supposed to go to Glen Helen, but I felt compelled to finish it, and by the time I actually  finished it, (meaning, just getting it to run like a stocker), it was too late to ride..  As it turns out it never did get it to run decent.. But I did sell it the next day and I only lost about $50, 10 hours of labor, and a days riding.  So what's the lesson I learned?  Actually, there are a few:  Never buy a bike with a motor in it that doesn't run, never work on points (throw them away and get a CDI),  and never lose a days riding to work on something that is a losing battle.