What's in a Name?
By Jerry Matta

    First question: How many of you just buy AXO, Fox, Answer, or whatever your favorite gear is?  Second question: How many of you would never get caught dead wearing a no name or lesser known brand?  Well, one day I was reading through one of my mags, when I came across a advertisement for "Wind".  I thought to myself , "Wind"?  Who ever buy that?  That is the stupidest name in the world.  Then I looked at their rider Joel Smets and thought, "that's the best they can do, Joel Smets."  Well the very next day I went over to my friend's house to pick up some new gear.  As I was driving down there, I'm thinking I was going get some really cool Fox stuff and I was pretty pumped.  So I get there and we go back into the mini-back house and he hands me, you guessed it -- two Wind jerseys, and some Wind pants.  The look of disappointment was all over my face, which is not a good thing when somebody has just given you something.  So after a little complaining, which again, is not good to do after somebody has given you something, I took it.  The next weekend I went riding and I reluctantly pulled out the new gear and put it on, and to my astonishment it fit good, looked even better, needless to say I was pretty stoked.  I guess it just goes to show you that you can't judge a book by its cover or by how many tattoos she has, which is what SoCal XR's is all about.