TK Race Products



Products that I tried: TK Link, Motor mounts, Motor stand for vise.

TK Link:  First, it's work of art.  Second, I can't tell you how many times some has ask, "how do you raise a crf100?"  Well this is how you do it.  It works best with a Works shock and do to the ratio change, it needs a stiffer than normal spring.  Combine this with a pair of CR85 forks with theri stem and you got yourself a factory racing crf100.




TK Racing Steering Stem (200 X 150)   This is one product I never thought I would use. The thought of suspending a motor scares. But more than a few time I'll take the topend off and forget to drain the oil first.  Well with this, you just put it in a vise and drain the oil no problem.  This has saved me from spilling oil all over my garage more than a few times now.






TK Racing Shock Resevoir Clamp

I have these cool looking puupies mounted on my full race vintage bike.