Product Review

One Industries
or should it be
Two Industries
by Jerry Matta

I recently purchased a set of graphics and seat cover from   One Industries for my 90' kxr80 conversion .  I just wanted to update it, just like everybody else, to get ready for LangTown. (LangTown fever hits about Aug. 1) So after I  purchased the seat cover, I had Spike put it on for me.  We had a "let Spike work on your bike day."  Not only did he put the cover on, but his wife baught us pizza and cokes -- you can't beat that. Anyway, the seams were a little off and after a day, the top had about a 1" split in it.  So I said to myself, "no big deal, I'll call them up and I'm sure they'll exchange it for a new one."  So I called them up, and they said, "sure, just send the cover back and we'll send you a new one."  So I yanked it off and mailed away.
    Two days later, I get a call saying the cover was cut way too short to fit and all they could do was fix the split.  I'm thinking, "well, of course the cover is short, once it's on, you have to trim it. Dah! Rather irritated I said, "yeah, whatever just fix it and mail it back." The next day I thought, "wait a minute, now that it was trimmed, it's going to be next to impossible to put back on."  So I called them back and told them., "I'll just buy a new one, what kind of deal can I get?"  "40 bucks," he said.  "Fine just send it." The very next day I got it UPS and when I looked at the invoice they not only charged me for shipping, but tax as well.  And to top it off, it was a different style seat cover!!  So two seat covers later and a lot less money, I'm ready for LangTown.  I'll definitely use N'Style next time.