What do you think about

Speedway Race Track

possibly leaving the Orange

County Fairgrounds in October?

(Asked at Home Depot in Costa Mesa.)
ďItís been a local attraction for family outings for years. I think itís a shame that this could be its last year. Iíve been there dozen of times. Itís an inexpensive form of enter­tainment for the kids.Ē
            Don Redington
               Newport Beach
ďIím really bummed. I used to go as a child. Lightning Larry Fast was my favorite. It was a great part of growingup in Costa Mesa. We used to go every Friday night. Iíd really be sorry to see it go.Ē
    Mike Hurwitz
                                 Newport Beach
ďI didnít even know it was Ďthere. Itís not something that I would be interested in going to. It would probably be good in Riverside.Ē

                             Chad Ware
                                Newport Beach

ďIt saddens me tremendously. I met my wife there 10 years ago. She was a trophy girl. Iíve met a lot of people there that I see only there once a week. Iíve been motorcycle racing for about 30 years and this track has been a big part of my life.Ē
 Mike Bierman 
                                      Costa Mesa
ďFor the residents who can hear the noise, I think itís a good thing that itís leaving. Itís not really a money-maker. Iíve never gone. I havenít seen a motorcycle race in 25 years and I probably wouldnít go any time soon.  Lifeís too busy.Ē 
                                Dan Quay
                                    Newport Beach