Corum's World
By Jerry Matta


When you watch a typical motocross race, few people stand out above all others.  I'm not talking about sheer speed or doing quads when everyone else are doing doubles.  I'm talking about the underdog, the one who when he lines up on the line gets sneers, giggles, and even an offer or two for a tow rope. Little do those people on their CRF450's, YZF250's, BBR150's, YZ125's or whatever know they're about to be smoked by a guy on a modified vintage XR75.
Lately I've received some emails inquiring about his bikes and what mods he has done to them.  I'm not writing this to give out all his secret mods, but I did take pictures and you can see for yourself.  At the bottom pic, check out his new SL70 and his '59 El Camino.