By Mike Bierman

Well it was bound to happen as long as I was getting involved. “NEW BREEDS”, Guys racing XR’s that are not afraid to spend money on bikes, drive times and entry fees. They show up at every S.R.A. gran-prix each month with top notch XR’s and race a couple classes. They beg for more seat time and at this time I can only offer once a month racing. A couple of these “NEW BREEDS” drive from as far as Valley Center. These guys have purchased S.R.A. racing licenses @ $30.00 and pay $20.00 per race. We are racing 11 events this year with points. Eight at Glen Helen and three at Carlsbad. 40 minutes of elbow to elbow battles. Moto-cross is great but lets face it. A moto lasts just long enough to pack your frame and wheels with mud then you sit for five hours waiting for your next moto. In G.P.’s you spend more time on the track and less time in the pits!
The 10 dollar races haven’t drawn any entries lately as a matter of fact at the last L.A.C.R race that was scheduled, seven of the ten entries were of the “NEW BREED”. A couple of the old breeds even said they didn’t show because they didn’t know where L.A.C.R. was... what are you foreigners?

So you should say good’ay to the old days and work an extra shift at Taco Bell so you can race for real. Sh*t just come and see me maybe I’ll buy your entry, 1 have been known to do that on occasion.  And speaking of 10 bucks how many races were there last year? Two at L.A.C.R. three at Costa Mesa, and having sexual relations with everybody named Oxley I can tell you that Costa Mesa is probably on it’s last season.  The financial burdens have grown to great for the only race track left in Orange County. It seems that Jimmy Lewis has been away winning races in dissolute foreign Countries and doesn’t take the time to be over worked and under paid anymore and when he does do it he hands out hundreds of dollars of swag and still nobody shows. So who’s going to do it? You? You got a neighbor with property for a secret track? He can charge five bucks at the gate and have bragging rights just for sticking his neck out. Put it this way! You show up for the 4-stroke nationals, your there for Langtown and again at Glen Helen for the Chaparral shoot-out that’s three real races BiG F-N DEAL. Maybe it’s just that you candied ass sissies find enough sport in video MX to supply your competitive needs. 

Ooh look! I just beat Jeremy McGrath on my computer.” Ha!  I fart in your general direction.
I speak loudly for the “NEW BREEDS” we want to and will race every race that is put before us damn-it! 

See my back, 

Mike Bierman