Cheatiní or just plain beatiní?

No I am not riding a 120cc
The fact is that I just maintain or have my XR maintained better than any of you cheap ass rat bastards. My modifications are bolt on simple, and when I say simple it should be synonymous with your way of thinking. Now there is some GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS that I am about to tell you.
The GOOD NEWS is that I will volunteer my modifications here and now, and if you choose then maybe.. .just maybe you can meet me at the first corner.

#1. Alloy rear sprocket. $45.00 This reduces unsprung weight by 41/2 pounds which in return gets the rear wheel up to maximum performance much quicker than the stocker.

#2. Regina chain $56.00 This one you should have figured out, it just works better.

#3. K & N filter $19.00 If you canít get the air in you canít get it out.

#4. White Bros. Prototype E series exhaust (oh sorry... this one is not available yet) estimated $250.00
This pipe was built especially for me and my 24 hour winning team it will be available very soon. Trust me when I say that it works! And itís quiet. It weighs about the same as a stocker but adds at least one horse power.

#5. New tires $26.00 each. (= $52.00 there I did the math for you now put your shoes back on).
That extra edge helps off the gate and you can push a little harder into the first turn. I put them on for every race.

#6. After market rear shock $300.00. Stock shocks havenít any damping. These just keep the XR power to the ground.

#7. Swing arm bushings. $25.00 complete set (plastic) If your a jumpiní and a jerkiní you canít maintain traction. I changed mine four times this year.

#8. IMS Shift lever. $25.00 The all important gear shifting.. .miss one gear, loose three or four seconds.

#9. Clean the carburetor every race. $ 0 We ask a lot out of these little pumpers, if a minute piece of dust gets in there it will not perform to it maximum level.

#10. Remove everything metal that you donít need. $ 0 Number plate brackets, fender brackets, side stand (and spring). Grams are like calories a few here and a few there, and the pounds just fall off.

#11. Engine maintenance. $165.00 (parts only each time) Piston, rings, clutches and gaskets. I had SPIKE RACING rebuild my top end three or four times this year. This is to insure top engine performance. When you start with 6.9 hp minimal loss is a great disadvantage.

#12. Engines only alloy engine plates. $30.00 Again alloy is lighter and it also performs better.(plus it looks cool). It adds up to almost $1000.00

I didnít spend a thousand dollars this year on my XR 100 In fact I made about a thousand dollars on my XR 100. I am lucky to have product and financial backing as indicated by the stickers I run on my XR.

People often say: ďlet me ride your bike and you ride mine and then weíll seeĒ yea.. .sure... why would I subject myself into riding your pile when Iíve maintained a sano machine.
  At 42+ years old and 210+ pounds I am just plain better than your skinny ass, skirt weariní punks. Give me a hundred titty tokens and I will teach you how to power shift.
Now for the BAD NEWS: Huntington Beach Honda has giviní me (yes free) a 00í XR 100 and I am going to build (with help from sponsors) a new race machine. It will be a 120cc and it will be called a SUPER STOCKIFIED! Iíll run it in the modified classes so I donít have to hear you stock guys snivel anymore. All the mods above are for real... the cocky-ness is for fun! stomp ya later.

Mike Bierman
Do you realize that if I were a celebrity everybody would want to look like me?